Important, heartfelt discussions on a wide variety of topics. Nothing is off limits! Let’s tackle this stuff together and come out the other side whole, healed and equipped!







Podcast #2- Real Talk: The reality of healing: Mind-Body-Past


We all want healing in one way or another, but do we have the right mindset? I believe to God, that’s the most important part of it all.




Podcast #3- Real Talk: Your calling- are you listening to God or the crowd?


EVERYONE has a calling. It can be a tough thing to discover while the world is telling you one thing and God is showing you another. Listen in to hear how to navigate this journey boldly and with intention. I’m sure by the end you’ll know which direction you’re headed.




Podcast #4-Real Talk: Daddy Issues- How much do you trust God?


Christianity is our faith. Faith means trust. So we call ourselves followers and trusted ones of the Lord but is it more than a label? Are we living in and walking out that truth? Do our lives reflect that fruit? Or are we struggling and not really living in the best of our inheritance? Let me show you how deeply important it is to strengthen your faith so you can go from labeled to loved.