The Bible is not dead, dull and unfamiliar. It’s not an outdated history book with nothing to offer us in this fast paced culture we live in today. It’s full of very timely and very applicable tools and advice on everything from marriage, parenting, relationships, health, deep struggle and more. We just have to know where to look and how to look. Knowing what the Bible truly is and how to really read it will make God’s heart come alive to you in ways you never knew possible! His word is timeless and He is truly there for us through the toughest, darkest times and the most simple of life’s moments. He is not distant and unrelatable. He cares deeply about every aspect of our lives. There’s nothing better than being fully equipped for what life throws at us and uncovering who we truly are, all through the indescribable love and relationship our Father has with us. My goal is to share that truth easily and simply through each video, blog and podcast I offer so that you can walk in total freedom and wholeness and truly be living your best life.


Be Free! ❤