Hi everyone!
I know it’s probably been a long time since you’ve visited my site or even seen much from me. This site is still very important to me even though I haven’t written or posted any articles in 2 years. In my absence of actively putting out work, I’ve left this site active as many still land here almost daily through search engines and my links on social media. I believe there is still love, hope, help and life in my old work and I believe it’s still helping people as they stumble across it on the webs. That brings me a lot of joy as writing and helping people are my passions. Seeing those early works reminds me of how far I’ve come and how much things have changed.
When I started this site in 2015, it was to take a chance on myself. To step out of my comfort zone and try my hand at something that was burning inside of me, writing. When I released the very first post it felt like it was clutching my heart in a vice. I sat breathless waiting to see how it landed. I watched as MY words helped set people free and give them permission to be themselves and I couldn’t get enough. My passion felt fully realized and utilized.

I officially transitioned my ‘blog’ into a full blown site with handfuls of resources in early 2018. This was after my graduation from bible school the fall prior. My passion was burning hotter than ever and my direction felt clear. But then, life. I had been fighting so many personal battles at once for so long that my body just tapped out. The realization that I had to slow down and even let go of what I had just poured my heart into building for 3 years made me feel like a failure. Bible school made me feel like I needed to build a following, pump out content, be interesting. ENTERTAIN PEOPLE. That they wouldn’t just follow me and my work because they cared or because I was genuine, but that I needed to keep people’s attention. I felt the pressure to write beyond my heart and produce beyond my desire. I didn’t want to be overly connected and live a life tethered to social media. I didn’t want to have a Randina Sheldon ‘ministry’ Facebook page where everyone could oogle over me. I didn’t want to feel pressure to be another ‘minister’. But I did. I was frustrated over the lack of authenticity around me and the rat race everyone was in to be ‘liked’, followed and well known; all for God, of course. That just wasn’t me. I just wanted to write. I wanted people to care about my work, but not because I was able to entice them to stay interested but because it meant something to them too.


The past 2.5 years, I’ve dealt with some huge things. I’ve traversed mountains of healing. I’ve been quiet. Private. At some moments, just trying to survive. But all the while writing. Writing. Writing. Writing.
At first, it was just therapy notes. Reflection time with God. A place to brain dump, vent, scream. Desperate grasps at making sense of it all. Then it shifted.
I could see my pain transforming into purpose. I could see how God was putting my darkness into my hands to turn into light.
I could see the beauty He promised me from the pain taking shape.

My private journals from that time are now at the heart of two very intimate books I am currently working on. One, will be a book of original poems and art. The other, a 100 piece collection of healing prompts for sexual abuse victims. These are everything to me. I am pursuing publishing at the end of the summer and plan to keep any updates on that available here. That’s what you can mostly expect from me as I no longer plan to write individual pieces. My heart and passion has transitioned to authoring books. My site reflects this change and actually has less content than before, but my heart to love and help people remains in what’s left.

I don’t want to be famous. I’m not looking for financial success or praise. I just want to honor my heart and do things that matter. That touch people. That help people.

This is not a ministry. This is not a fan page. This is not a religious space. And never will be.
It is a vulnerable, deep expression of my truth that I hope connects with others and helps them to not feel alone. This is a safe space for humans being.


I’m glad you’re here, and I hope you’ll stay. 🤍

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