Face to Face

One of the biggest concerns I see in the body of Christ is people who feel disconnected from God.

They don’t ‘feel’ Him, ‘see’ Him or ‘hear’ Him. They’re frustrated because they don’t have a tangible experience with their Father and they don’t know how. Some people even believe that only certain individuals are meant to hear from God and that they’re just not one of the ‘chosen’ ones. Or sadly, some people believe we can’t REALLY talk to God at all. That He’s ‘there’ inside of us, but like Santa Claus; He’s more of a belief, a feeling, a sense of hope and could never be with us in a REAL relationship.

Whichever one of these people you may be, I’m here to let you know that you are not alone. I have experienced many painful years where I cried out to God in desperation and silence. I was overwrought with deep loneliness, confusion and anger. I didn’t understand why I was dying inside and felt like He wasn’t coming to save me. I even got to the point where for the first and only time in my life, I questioned whether I wanted to be a christian anymore or that He even existed at all. So I understand how extremely detrimental this issue can be to a person’s faith and believe our whole relationship with Him could sometimes hang by this last thread. It wasn’t until I hit rock bottom that I gained the desire to overhaul my entire life and found success pursuing Him in a brand new way.

Be encouraged that NONE of these experiences are what we’re truly meant to have with Him. He did not send Jesus to die so that He could be distant. He sent Him to reconcile us back to His heart in the closest, deepest and realist way possible. To have a REAL LIFE relationship with us! There’s nothing wrong with you. You are lovable and He IS there. I believe, through my pain, desperation and many years of deep searching, I found real, practical ways to have relationship with God and it’s changed my whole life. I’m here to say it’s not only possible, it should be a reality for everyone. A standard norm in Christianity. And it’s not complicated or mysterious. 8 years removed from that dark place and a brand new woman, I’m here to share how you can do it too.


I believe that each one of us has a different relationship with God and so each person will hear from and communicate with God differently.

At first if you don’t know this, it can be frustrating feeling like God talks to others and not us, especially if we’re seeking to do it in the same ways we’ve seen others do it. I’ve had 8 years of intense growth and learning in this area, and everyday He still expands my understanding. He still surprises me with the ways we can communicate, the way He shows His love to me and the things I hear Him through! He created each of us as unique individuals, and like a real parent, the relationship will look different with each child. Think about your parents and your siblings. If your parents tried to spend time with you, communicate with you and talk to you like they would your sister or brother, you probably wouldn’t be very close. It would feel like they didn’t know you at all! But like any good parent, God loves us all the same; but recognizes our differences and celebrates them with us by speaking in ways that resonate with our hearts and specific connection and relationship with Him.

As with almost everything, comparison is the stealer of joy. When we think our lives should look like someone elses in any way, we cease to find the way it’s supposed to work for us. If we give up because our lives don’t mirror other peoples successes, we abandon the journey to find ours! Once we learn that we’re a 100% unique being with a life and all it encompasses as one of a kind, we will find a lot of things become easier and fall into place naturally. Refuse to believe the lie that God cannot hear you and you cannot hear Him and know that the place to begin is in your heart.


We need to be open.

We need to avoid putting Him in a box and expecting Him to show up in a specific way. We need to treat it like a real relationship with our Father and not something mystical and mysterious. There’s no magic formula, special prayer, or dimension of heaven you need to enter to communicate with God. As I said before, the way you communicate with each other will depend a lot on you and what your relationship is like. I hear Him in the wind, He speaks to me through sunsets, clouds and starry nights. Even numbers sometimes. Nature in general is where I connect with Him best. Find what you love to do; a hobby, passion or some place you tend to go when you want to relax, think or take quiet time and try to be with Him there. He’s woven in all of our passions because He put them there. Search for Him in those times and places and I’ll guarantee you, you’ll be surprised to find He wants to share in that moment or activity with you and use it to speak to and edify your soul. When we are open to God using anything, anyone or anywhere to speak to us, it will flow a lot easier! If we’re closed off to something, we won’t hear Him. Just let go of your expectations and let Him move!

We need to establish trust.

Once we are open to any form of communication and we’ve let Him in our hearts, so much can happen. He’s a gentleman who waits until we’re ready. As with any relationship, communication gets better with trust because we’ve let the person see who we really are and what we need. God already sees you and knows who you are better than anyone!  It’s easy to say we trust God when things are going well, because it takes no vulnerability or risk. But you’ll never really know what that means until you’re dealing with some heavy stuff and He’s all you have. Those are the times that will build the relationship like nothing else and help you hear Him if you let it. Know that He’s your safe place and His promises are rock solid. Once we can truly let our guard down and open up to Him in our most vulnerable state; love, freedom and real communication can begin to flow.


We need to be patient but also passionate.

Everyone is different and the way we will grow into hearing Him and the time frame that happens in is different for everyone so we need to allow the room and time it takes but also be passionate enough to pursue Him and work at it just like any normal relationship. It’s a two way street. He comes as close as we’ll let Him, so once we’ve let Him completely in and not just left Him at the door of our hearts, the relationship will begin to flourish. When I abandoned my old prideful mindset that I had it all figured out, I opened myself up to have my understanding broadened and made room in my heart to start over and learn from Him. It wasn’t quick and it wasn’t easy but I wanted it more than anything and was committed to the process. And I can say it was definitely worth it. Enjoy the journey of unwrapping a gift of new adventure and fresh understanding each day with Him. There’s absolutely no rush. This is your life!


We need to get to know Him.

Either by reading (Bible and other edifying books), praying, listening to teachings, worshipping and sitting in His presence. Communication gets better in any relationship as we learn the other person and spend time with them. I’m convinced that as we get to know Him and build a real relationship, we become linked heart to heart and communication becomes easier and easier. When we know His nature, it will become easier to discern what is Him and what could be the enemy. Just remember, He will never contradict scripture. He can speak outside of what you’ve read in the Bible, but to be of God, it needs to line up with His nature and if it doesn’t, discard it immediately and keep searching and digging deeper for clearer revelations.

Getting closer to Him transforms our hearts to look more like His and we become more in tune with Him and begin to share desires, passions and dreams. It’s truly so special and profound. This has been one of my favorite aspects of growing in my relationship with Him. Every time I feel like I’ve found the depth of His goodness or love, He blows me away with more and more. When I used to hear people say their best friend was Jesus, I thought that was fake and silly. I thought that was just a way Christians made it seem like they had some ‘in’ with God that others didn’t. That they were a ‘better’ Christian or that they just wanted to seem holy. But after going through so much growth and experiencing all I have with Him, I can truly say I get it now and He is major bff status in my life. When we’re open, free and know Him well, the relationship gives us so much life and can be the best you’ll ever have!


Trust yourself.

Trust who you are and who you were made to be. He is not mysterious and is not hiding. He hears you, loves you and knows you! And He wants us to understand Him, hear Him and have deep relationship with Him more than anything. When we trust and believe that we can hear God, then we can move in confidence to find Him speaking to us everywhere! First thing you can do is trust that the small voice inside of you is Him and begin conversing with that voice. As you gain confidence in that, you will learn His voice and recognize it easier and easier. At first, just like a new friend; encounters can feel awkward or forced. But press in and relax in His love and you’ll soon find it’s more familiar and safe than you ever could have imagined. Worship will get more intimate and free, prayer will turn from a laundry list of pleases to late night talks with your best friend, and small things you see throughout the day will become confirmations or reminders from Him about things you previously discussed and how much He loves you. The best way to get better at something is practice and jump in fearless with your whole heart!!


I pray that this encouraged you deeply and gave you real life direction on how to improve your relationship with God and actually hear Him! You can have a real life relationship with God! He is right there and as real as I am to you. His presence can soothe just as real as a hug and His voice can be just as familiar and comforting to you as an old friend. He’s the BEST friend and the BEST Father. I promise if you dive in free, open and willing, you will swim forever and never find the end of His amazing embrace and love. You will be submerged in His goodness, peace and joy for LIFE. You will know Him like you’ve always wanted. You will feel like you’ve found some secret garden filled with treasures just for you, yet every single one of us has it waiting. Get ready for your face to face. He’s waiting. ❤ ❤


With lots of love and excitement for you to meet with Jesus,


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