Acceptance based Christianity

We’ve all been there.

We’ve all had that feeling.

We want to be liked, accepted, even needed and praised.

And we all long to find “our people”. The ones who get us, understand us, relate to us and share the same values as us. Most of us seek these things in a church community. Which of course seems perfectly logical. But the problem is, while the pursuit of the latter is healthy and very needed, most people are caught up in seeking the first and walk away burned, hurt, wronged, offended and sometimes even take it out on God without even realizing that their immaturity and insecurities have caused them to seek something that doesn’t come from man in the first place. Their identity. We should be whole, healthy people going after real connections and relationships and just doing life together within our shared beliefs but we get too caught up in the popularity contest that it should never be.

I see it everywhere. Churches, schools, organizations etc being exclusive or cliquey ( whether they want to admit it or not) and creating this elitist atmosphere where some are in the spotlight and put on a pedestal and some feel left behind like the last kid picked for kickball. It’s definitely not a representation of God’s heart where everyone matters and everyone is of the same value. And it’s not a gleaming representation of Christianity. We’re literally showing everyone a divided front while asking everyone to join. It’s what the world already thinks of Christianity, and we’re proving them right.

We’ve come into this place where what our fellow Christians say or think about us, our callings and who we are inside is more sought after than what God has to say. We’ve become these soft, needy babies looking for someone to tell us everything we need to hear to do what we’ve been called to do by GOD. As if that isn’t enough?! We want this feel good religion of being liked, accepted and included; of being told who we are and constantly patted on the back. Or we run away offended and burned, many times letting it affect our walk. Church was never meant to be a social club. It was meant to be a gathering place for like minded believers to share faith, hope, knowledge and life together. We can’t go into it expecting to come out with a fan club. We’re supposed to be God’s fan club!

This current church dynamic saddens me greatly as I know it affects many believers relationships with God as a whole. Unfortunately, some people come in broken and in the very beginnings of their journey with God only to be set up with this expectation that the church will sustain them and fix all the wounds and darkness in their lives and as soon as that lets them down they turn away from God! We need to be great examples of people who have unwavering love, acceptance and relationship with God so that other believers ( new and old) can see that it starts with Him and works its way out. Not the other way around. We need to show that His love is why were standing. His love is why we made it. His love is why we meet and do this thing called Christianity. So that when people do let you down (because it will happen. No one is perfect) we stand strong on God’s word and promises. Our life is rooted in something deep and real, not this surface social club Christianity.

And if that’s you, if you have turned away from God because people hurt you, KNOW that God is not them. He’s not the same. Don’t give up on God just because His people sometimes don’t represent him well. I promise, were working on it. 🙂 When you turn away, you’re not hurting them. You’re depriving yourself of the greatest relationship you could ever have! Giving up on the one who will always give you everlasting love, support, purpose, value and acceptance over people who won’t is madness.

In the body of Christ should you find support, encouragement and love? YES! Should you be seeking your identity, worth and calling? No. Those things come from God alone and seeking them elsewhere is an unhealthy practice and will always disappoint.

So lets absolve to be better tomorrow. To be more about real relationships and less about “likes”. To be a little wiser. A little stronger. A little closer to God and a lot less worried about what people think because a million people’s opinions could never change the only ONE that matters.


I pray that this entry blesses you, encourages you and reminds you of what church and normal Christianity is truly supposed to be. You are loved and you are valuable JUST BECAUSE GOD SAYS YOU ARE!







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